Ou Saing graduated from Hun Sen Heng Dong Middle School for Chinese Language in Cambodia in 2012. She studied architectural design at Norton University; however, she decided to drop in her third year due to family issues.

Later on, she started to expose herself to working life by using her Chinese skill. She has encountered many obstacles. Despite giving up, she managed to learn and solve them by herself. She joined Aii Language Center at Choam Chao Campus, as a part-time CSL teacher in 2019 until 2021. Because of her passion toward challenges and improvement, she was promoted as a CSL Head Teacher in 2021.

As an educator, she firmly believes that every student has their own hidden talent and great potential. Therefore, every teacher must shed a light on them and help them to reach their full potential and grow personally, emotionally and socially during their journey to the future. She is passionate and eager to shape every student’s life to become a better one.